2021. August 05.

On August 4 (Hungary local time), SK Innovation delivered 15 million forints (about USD 50,000) to the local public foundations in Iváncsa, Hungary, which was selected as the location of SK Innovation’s third EV battery plant in Europe.

After two EV battery plants in Komárom, Hungary, in January of this year, SK Innovation decided to build the third one in Europe with an annual production capacity of 30GWh in Iváncsa, Hungary. This will be the largest EV battery plant built by SK Innovation in Europe.

The donation delivery ceremony held at Iváncsa City Hall was attended by representatives of several local public foundations, Mayor Molnár Tibor, and CEO Han Sang-kyu of SK Battery Hungary, the Hungarian subsidiary of SK Innovation’s battery business.

SK Battery Hungary CEO Han Sang-kyu (3rd from right), Iváncsa Mayor Molnár Tibor (2nd from left) and other attendees share small talk before the ceremony

The beneficiaries are three public foundations: Iváncsa City Public Foundation (Iváncsáért Közalapítvány), Our Children Foundation (Gyermekeinkért Alapítvány), and Iváncsa City Large Families Association (Iváncsai Nagycsaládosok Egyesülete). The donating funds will be delivered in two consecutive year, 2021 and 2022. Each public foundation plans to use the funds to improve the local environment in Iváncsa, support education and cultural activities for the youth, and provide daily necessities of the underprivileged.

At the delivery ceremony, Molnár Tibor, Mayor of Iváncsa, shared that “We are glad that SK Innovation decided to choose Iváncsa as the location of the company’s third European plant for EV battery manufacturing, which is known as the largest investment in the history of Greenfield investment in Hungary.” “With SK innovation’s interest and support for the local community, Iváncsa City has become so energetic than ever,” he added.

SK Battery Hungary CEO Han Sang-kyu (1st from right) and Iváncsa Mayor Molnár Tibor (first from left) discuss CSR plans. The event was held after the Hungarian government lifted the mandatory to wear masks indoor and outdoor.

Han Sang-kyu, SK Battery CEO, said that “I am delighted that we can contribute to the local community and improve the happiness of Iváncsa residents. Starting with this, SK innovation will do the best to cooperate and solve the regional difficulties together with Iváncsa to enhance of corporate citizenship. We will plan and execute various programs that can create more social value with the goal of coexistence with the local communities.”

On the other hand, as part of its ESG management, SK Innovation has been committing in social contribution activities in Hungary 2019. Starting by donating 15 million forints (about USD 50,000) over two years to three public foundations in Komárom city, SK Innovation also delivered 16 million forints (about USD 53,000) to help the local community fight against COVID-19. In addition, in June of this year, SK Battery Hungary members participated in tree planting volunteer activity near the Komárom factories. This meaningful event was joined by other leaders of the city, including Komárom Mayor, to improve the local environment together.