2021. June 21.

On June 18th (local time), SK Innovation’s overseas subsidiary SK Battery Hungary (SKBH) has conducted the first volunteer activity ever since its establishment at Komárom, Hungary, where its facility is located. Especially, Komárom Mayor Attila Molnár and other officials of Komárom city including Vice Mayor Czita János, Industrial Park Manager Tóth Nándor also joined the company members to take part in this meaningful event.

Komárom Mayor Attila Molnár (left in the first photo) and CEO of SKBH Han Sang-kyu (right in the first photo) join company members in SKBH’s volunteer activity on June 18th (local time)

About 30 Korean and Hungarian employees, including CEO of SKBH Han Sang-kyu, volunteered to improve the environment of the local community by planting Acacia trees, fertilizing, watering the plants, and removing weeds in the industrial complex around the company’s manufacturing plant. The purpose of this volunteer program is to promote Green Balance 2030* – a key strategy of SK Innovation, and contribute in building a greener, happier environment in Komárom.

(*) Green Balance 2030: SK Innovation’s key strategy to innovate the company’s business structure so that the positive environmental impacts offset the negative impacts by 2030

(Left) SKBH members participate in planting trees / (Right) Komárom Mayor Attila Molnár gives thanks to SKBH’s members after the volunteer on June 18th (local time)

Previously, SK Innovation had supported the development of local communities in Hungary through donations. In 2019 and 2020, the company donated a total of HUF 15 million over two years to support three pubic interest organization in Komárom. In May last year, SK Innovation donated HUF 16 million for the safety of local residents in Komárom during the pandemic. Beyond such financial support, SK Innovation had been planning to expand to more volunteer activities that can contribute more to the local community. However, due to the situation of COVID-19 last year, the plan for SKBH’s first volunteer activity was postponed until last week, when the local situation was